Increase your website traffic

and your company’s brand, product, or service visibility with organic SEO

Leverage your existing digital assets

and get page 1 search results using cluster topics and organizing digital content like blogs, social media, videos

Improve your website standing

against your competitors and within your market segment, vertical industry, or region.

Get started with a free competitive analysis

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Web Designers/Developers, Digital Marketers, Product Marketers, Sales Campaign Managers, Social Media Marketers, and other teams interested in maximizing visibility from user web searches

Who Need...

To improve their website traffic, search term relevancy, competitive standing, click-through and conversion rates, lead flow, and filling the pipeline faster

The visiSEO Service...

Is an organic search engine optimization service based on data-driven semantics, cluster-topics, and digital content management that aligns and maximizes search results based the volume and terms customers use for web searches

Is Better Than...

Continuing to waste time and effort creating and publishing stand-alone digital elements for each of the thousands of unique keywords you’re trying to rank for, or paying high prices for adwords just to get page 1 visibility

How We Do It


We find optimum keywords/keyphrases by analyzing your web site, competitors’ sites, industry, and partners.


We evaluate your keywords for frequency, competitiveness, relevancy, and obtainability.


We develop a strategy and plan that uses cluster-topics and cluster-pillars to tune your website and leverages all of your digital content assets.


We monitor results to make sure that you experience increased visibility, more relevant traffic, and a rise in keyword tracking relative to your competition.

Increase market visibility

for your company, brand, product, or service.

Generate highly relevant traffic

to your web site.

Improve your web site standing

within your market segment, in your region, or against your competitors.

Add strategy

to your SEO, social media and digital content.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide B2B SEO services for San Francisco and Bay Area companies
  • We go deep into the details, but don’t drag you down into it (unless you want to)
  • We guide you through the process, but don’t expect you to be an expert
  • We help you build a strategic SEO plan for your digital content
  • We can help you leverage your industry associations and/or channel/partners
  • We can both implement, or train your staff to get involved
  • We get actionable results
  • We don’t expect an ongoing monthly contract. We’ll help audit and recommend to your timeframe – bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually

Let's Get Started

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Mike is perhaps the most talented and professional marketing executive I have encountered over 25 years in high tech ventures. Smart, creative, with high integrity and a fantastic team player. Mike is a magician at getting unbelievable results while expending minuscule resources.

Art C.

Managing Partner

Mike astounds me with the breadth of marketing skills he brings to the table… He’s a thought leader in designing and implementing B2B programs that include SMM, SEO, PPC and PR

Jim B.

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Mike Foster is simply a master at marketing… he can get down into the weeds and make things happen quickly, and with a real strategy behind it. I’m particularly impressed with his ability to clearly position offerings and ensure that they get the visibility they deserve through the web and SEO.

John B.

General Manager

Mike taught me everything I needed to know to get my website noticed. Using his tips and techniques, I was able to move it into the top six in search engine rankings, surpassing dozens of better-funded companies seeking the same exposure.

Bruce W

Owner, Apartment Complexes

Working with Mike we created a solid plan focused on increasing new business leads through organic channels by utilizing forward thinking SEO techniques. We were able to increase customer retention and engagement by developing a long term social media program that revolved around content marketing and direct B2B strategies.

Alex B.

Web Guru

Mike intuitively understands marketing and I always learn something new when I work with him. He knows how marketing is evolving and how new technologies and tools can be applied to make it most effective.

Bill C.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing