Data-Driven Semantics SEO

There are only 10 positions available on the first page when you perform a google search — and 75% of searchers never even make it past “page 1” results. If your competitors are optimizing their sites for high-volume key-phrases and have implemented a cluster-topic strategy, you may be missing thousands or even tens of thousands of impressions and click-throughs.

Have you done recent google searches, only to find your competitors are better ranked than you are? It’s imperative to know what they’re up to given that web search results are a zero-sum-game — one company always ranks higher at another’s expense. Don’t let your competitors push you to page 2 and beyond for high-volume keywords and key-phrases.  Take advantage of our free competitive analysis, to see how you rank relative to your closest competitors.

“The name [visiSEO] means “visible SEO” and boy did he prove it. Their easy-to-use engine pulled data up from my site and compared it to search norms. We tested clusters, words and phrases. Afterward, he gave me a blueprint that should increase my relevant views about 10x. Being organic and mutable, I know will have to be continuously evolving. I will always be checking, but this looks like more fun than I anticipated.” Roger Sanford, CMO, Inhalio

At visiSEO, we’ll do the data-driven semantics research and find the highest monthly volume, and most obtainable key-phrases as well as build a cluster-topic model so you can optimize your website and get more visibility. Many of our clients have seen a 2x to 5x improvement in their overall impressions and a major uplifts in their page 1 listings. We’ll perform the necessary audits, compile and analyze the research,  and create a strategic SEO plan of attack that leverages your website, social media, digital assets, YouTube videos, PR, partners and other elements.

The goals are simple: get ranked for high volume key-phrases,  and get ranked higher than your competitors.