Step up to data-driven semantics in your organic SEO strategy using cluster topics and cluster pillars.

Combining data-driven semantics with your digital content management strategy and organic SEO methodology ensures that you are communicating in your prospect’s language, not just your own.

Most of the content on your website, including all your digital assets, typically comes from the product experts and marketing staff within your organization. But without direct insights into the language and vocabulary your prospects are using and searching for, your site and digital assets may not be immediately visible or make immediate sense to first time visitors.

At visiSEO we regularly work with tech companies that use the lexicon known within the depths of their company, their specific industry segment or technology ecosystem. And while some companies believe prospects will read everything on their website like they’re reading a book, the truth is they don’t. Prospects are looking for relevant solutions to their web queries – and research has shown that around 72 per-cent of users searching never make it past page one of their web search results.

Understanding prospect “language” not only simplifies but strengthens your messages – and increases click through and engagement. By aligning your website content and your digital assets to include the language prospects use and understand, you may be able get 2x to 5x more website search impressions, and more relevant traffic to add to your pipeline.

Give use a shout, we’ll do an initial audit, free-of-charge, to help you better understand what you’re missing, and even what your competitors are doing right.