How We Do IT

We offer a unique methodology that aggregates your website and supportive digital content so it can be seen and ranks contextually by google and other search engines. We organize high-value keywords/keyphrases into cluster topics with supportive cluster cluster pillars, that include your web pages, blogs, social media, YouTube videos, and other digital assets into a single, integrated keyword strategy with the goal of gaining page 1 visibility.   Our process is comprised of four distinct steps that include:

  • Analysis
  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

Analyze and Recommend Keyword / Keyphrases –  We work with your team to perform an audit of your existing website, social media, and other assets.  We’ll review your current keyword/keyphrase selections, make recommendations on these and suggest alternative phrases based on search volume, competitiveness, untapped longer tail phrases that include industry associations, vertical markets, and partners/channels usage.  We’ll also perform an audit of your key competitors along with your key partners, including their websites and pay-per-click advertising programs.

Selection of Keywords/Keyphrases and Structed Implementation Plan – We will create a comprehensive plan that includes both core keywords and longer-tail keyphrases to be implemented in a structured manner across your key product and service web pages, in your social media posts, throughout your blog, and in other digital assets such as YouTube videos and press releases.  Though this integrated, multi-channel plan, you’ll be able to gain near-immediate results in gaining higher visibility.

Implementation and Staff Training – We’ll guide you in selecting the top keywords/keyphrases that will increase the visibility of your website and social media in organic searches.  We’ll help you build cross-links to each key web page using your published digital assets along with your partner’s pages and any relevant industry associations.  To ensure the success of the program, we’ll work with your staff directly, and providing training on how to optimize web pages, social media posts, and other digital assets. In addition, we can also recommend B2B strategies and implementation plans that can dramatically reduce efforts and waste, while maximizing results.

visiSEO Radar-Map Measurement and Guidance System – As with any marketing program, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it or optimize it to yield maximum results.  We use a unique, and copyrighted, methodology called our visiSEO Radar-Map. It’s a 10-point measurement system that systematically grades the implementation and performance of the overall program.  After an initial baseline audit, we’ll continue to measure each of the 10 elements each month as they are critical to the overall success of the program and increasing your company’s visibility.  Each axis, or “element” is comprised of a 10-point measurement system, in all, more than 100 unique variables will be measured to ensure your success.