Step 1 - Our Free Offer, Competitive Keyword Gap Analysis

We compare your company and a competitors top 20 shared keywords by organic search ranking. and create a report and provide you an overview of our B2B SEO services.

Step 2 - Baseline Information Collection

In order to prepare a your proposal we collect baseline information including:

  • Services Needed (Core, Extended) Number of Keywords
  • How many Competitors
  • Ecosystem: Are there Partners, Channel Providers (Re-sellers), Industry Verticals

Step 3 - Deliver your proposal

We meet with you and deliver our proposal that includes

  • Selected Options Summary
  • Statement of Work
  • Workflow Process
  • Pricing

Step 4 - Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting is were we collect the details so a baseline visiSEO Radar Map can be created and a strategic methodology and implementation plan can be created. Includes the following:

  • Previous Keyword Activities and Audits etc..Research and plans
  • Core and Extended (long tail) Keywords that your team would like to use
  • Example website implementation
  • Number and name of Competitors (with specific Products/Brand pages)
  • Vertical Industries or Markets
  • Key market associations
  • Partners
  • Channels/Re-sellers
  • Geographic requirements

Step 5 - Data Analysis and Gap Report

We run our analytic suite of tools and deliver keyword analysis with alternate keywords, competitive research, other research (like association’s keywords) The deliverables include:

  • Create Keyword Report
  • Radar Map (starting point)
  • Competitive Report
  • GAP analysis based on Radar Map

Step 6 -Strategic Methodology and Implementation Plan

We review elements of the previous step (Data Analysis and Gap Report) and create strategic methodology and implementation plan.

  • Strategic Methodology – keywords/phrases; industries, markets, etc…
  • Implementation Activities

Step 7 - Assignment Plan

We work with your team and make sure we share:

  • Matrix of Activities – Map out what we’re doing and what your team is responsible for
  • Calendar of events

Step 8 - Your staff education and training

We meet with your team and train them how to manage the SEO process

Step 9 - Monthly and Quarterly Measurement

We establish the cadence of measurement that works for your team

  • Ongoing Monthly measurement report
  • Radar Map Assessment (Monthly) –
  • Reporting on assignments completed (both teams)