Data driven semantics combined with digital content management and SEO places you ahead.

What is data-driven semantics (DSS) and why is it important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and structured Digital Content Management (DCM)?

Data-driven semantics is a methodology that uses specialized tools and processes that pull and analyze worldwide web search behavior to develop optimal keyphrases, cluster topics, and cluster pillars. Not only does it yield essential marketing data on the semantics and lexicon you should use in describing your company, products and services, but it also can be used to probe competitors and understand what they’re doing right and wrong in their messaging and positioning.

When combined with a digital content strategy that organizes your digital assets, including your social media, and an Organic SEO strategy, data-driven semantics can significantly increase the visibly of your website, your prospect pipeline, and sales engagement.

By aligning these three elements you can maximize your company’s website visibility and ensure page 1 search engine results for the highest volume user search terms in your target market, industry segment, geography, business category or other factors.

Unlike Paid SEO, such as using Google AdWords to gain page one visibility for a specific phrase, with Organic SEO you don’t get charged each time someone clicks on a search result, and your links will be visible as long as you adopt and maintain an data-driven organic SEO strategy.  More importantly, the businesses advantages of using Organic SEO over Paid SEO is far more strategic. When done correctly, data-driven Organic SEO makes your website visible to a much larger number of prospects in a sustained manner. It also positions your company as a leader and authentic provider of solutions within your industry or community. The result is more visibility for your goods or services, more inbound traffic from relevant prospects, an larger lead pipeline, and an improved bottom line.

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