Yep, “guilty as charged,”  is what they’ve told me.  I can’t tell you how many product marketing managers have told me they spent all their time developing and writing up their product value propositions, and creating their datasheets, blog entries, tweets, and facebook updates, but didn’t take the time to do the fundamental keyword research that their prospective clients would use in their google searches.

And it’s not only the core keywords they’re forgetting to write to, but it’s the long-tail keyphrases that are equally important.  Because these long-tail searches can deliver the golden nuggets in prospects that you’re looking for, right to your virtual front door.  I’ve been guilty of it myself, creating product marketing literature and web pages that I’ve written using the lexicon of my organization, the product managers, and engineers. When what I should have been doing is researching WHAT prospects were looking for in keywords/keyphrases and writing to their nomenclature.

And let’s not forget that web pages are cheap to build, and should be tailored to a specific audience if you want the message to be really effective.  So if you’re after multiple market segments, such as healthcare, federal, retail and manufacturing industries, create several product solutions page for each one.  Then tailor the keyword optimization within those verticals, or even narrow the verticals like “healthcare providers,” if you want to distinguish it from healthcare payers, for example.

So if you want to be on page of search results, don’t try going for generic terms, make pages that appeal to specific audiences, and tune those pages by vertical or regional markets, and you’ll get the visibility you want.