Here’s what our customers and partners are saying about their results, and our intelligent Organic SEO methodology using cluster topics and pillars, data-driven semantics, and a digital content management strategy.

“The name [visiSEO] means “visible SEO” and boy did he prove it. Their easy-to-use engine pulled data up from my site and compared it to search norms. We tested clusters, words and phrases. Afterward, he gave me a blueprint that should increase my relevant views about 10x. Being organic and mutable, I know will have to be continuously evolving. I will always be checking, but this looks like more fun than I anticipated.”  Roger Sanford, CMO, Inhalio 

Kudos to the team at VisiSEO for helping us implement a coherent SEO plan.  They came in, researched our site, market, and competition and gave us the roadmap we needed to bump up relevant site clicks.  All without making us wade through the usual jargon.  Nice.    James Bahn, Marketing Executive, [formerly] Virtual Instruments, Inc.

Thank you [visiSEO] for your excellent work with Encore Group. Your personality, process, and patience have been invaluable. While we’re still refining and implementing, results in organic traffic are already up. Looking forward to seeing the finished product AND MORE SALES!  Dan Johnson, Scheduling Strategist, The Encore Group.

“[the service and] Mike’s granular understanding of data-driven semantics in organic SEO, means that when he’s done with your website google will *really* get who you are, so the market will find you for the exact right search phrases. He won’t just increase your traffic; he’ll increase the traffic that you *want.*   Adam Gordon, Partner and Chief of Strategy, Oya Group

The more we can use data to justify marketing activity and also credibly demonstrate results, the better positioned marketing professionals will be to hold their own among the C-Suite and the board. Sounds like your [visiSEO] approach Mike would be another positive step in that direction.  Simon Wilson, Senior Software Executive