What We Do

We are marketing, web, blog, social media, and digital content specialists who can increase the relevant search traffic for your company, brand, products and services. Our clients have reported they’ve seen a 2x to 10x increase in website visibility and impressions from web searches. With our unique data-driven semantics methodology, combined with digital content management and search engine optimization we can:

  • Increase your market visibility
  • Generate highly-relevant traffic
  • Improve your website standing
  • Position you above your competitors
  • Add “strategy” to your SEO / SMM

We evaluate your website, your keyword ranking, your competitors websites, your competitors keyword rankings,  common industry terms, standards-based, and vertical industry specific terms. We typically analyze up to 30,000 variables to build the right strategy and implementation plan for you. We then distill that down to into a manageable number of “cluster topics” and support these with “cluster pillar” content so you can quickly and confidently get results. 

Increase Your Visibility –  With our team of experts and highly specialized SEO methodologies, we work with your marketing team to create a unique strategy and implementation plan that can get your company, brand, products and services positioned in a lead position on organic keyword searches.

Generate Highly-Relevant SEO Traffic – We’ll do the analysis on short and long-tail keyphrases using such factors as geographic search frequency, competitive analysis, ability to gain page 1 and page 2 placement to ensure you get more relevant traffic to your site for conversion.

Improve Your Market Standing –  Our process includes helping you implement a methodology that ensures your digital content is in line with buyer and industry nomenclature and most searched terms — the result of which is increased market and website relevance.

Position Above Your Competitors – We analyze, evaluate and suggest a strategy that can move you up in keyword/keyphrase rankings relative to your competitors, while displacing them, and moving them down.

Add “Strategy” To Your SEO, SEM and SMM – We evaluate and integrate a broad range of digital content in a strategic methodology, including your Website, Social Media, Blog, Press Release and other digital assets.  This approach aggregates all digital content SEO into a single plan.