Who We Are

We’re a team of marketing, web, search engine optimization, digital content, social media and communication consulting specialists.  We have the collective experience, the specialized tools, and the techniques to align your messages to your customers needs and the language they speak, update your website, and organize your digital content assets to significantly increase the relevant search traffic to your site, your click-through conversions, and your sales pipeline.

Mike Foster  –  Digital Marketing Specialist & Scientist

Michael (Mike) Foster has deep experience in business-to-business (B2B) marketing in and around Silicon Valley. He has extensive experience in corporate, brand, product, channel, partner, web, social media and search engine marketing. For the past 12 years, he has focused much of his efforts on web, digital content, social media and marketing automation systems. Combining the latest in web and SEO analytic tools with a integrated, multi-channel digital content strategy, Mike has gained first tier positioning for his companies. Now, Mike is sharing his strategic and tactical knowledge to businesses of all sizes — from startups in need of gaining broad visibility and awareness, to product and services departments within larger enterprises who need to get or keep their products in the forefront of the market. mike.foster@visiseo.com

Melissa Oakes – Sales and Business Development

Melissa manages our targeted Sales Outreach and Business Development efforts. Her rich background and expertise in Silicon Valley Tech companies and processes, combined with her ability to build natural client relationships makes her a true gem to work with. Melissa’s client approach means she’ll work with you to fully understand your needs, any current SEO limitations, and your overall project objectives… she’ll then structure a unique visiSEO offering that will achieve record results. Contact Melissa at melissa.oakes@visiseo.com 

Sherri Goodman – Website Designer, Developer & Optimizer

Sherri is a highly-skilled website designer and developer with extensive experience in WordPress and other CMS systems. With over 20 years as a marketing and design professional, Sherri has a multifaceted background in both the print and digital arenas. She creates a consistent visual design across all aspects of a business’ brand for strong messaging, building trust and authority in their niche. Sherri has used her considerable skill set to consistently and repeatedly create successful projects for clients.

James Bahn –  Digital Content Manager

Jim’s experience includes years in product marketing, sales and R&D, with an emphasis on sales enablement through content creation and content management.  Throughout his career he has had management roles at large tech companies like Hitachi Data Systems and HPE, but his biggest thrill has always been in creating content that resonated with everyone in the channel, from reseller (sell-through stories) to end-users (sell-to stories).  More recently, Jim is using his depth of experience to create messaging and update digital content assets to further support the visibility of a company, product or service brand, and uplift the associated the click-through conversion rates.
Leland Carrillo – Digital Marketing Intern

Leland is our digital marketing intern who assists with keyphrase research, data analysis, and report preparation. He a student at CSUMB (California State University Monterey Bay), obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a personal interest in all things digital. In addition, he applies his digital marketing education and knowledge directly by supporting a local business, Bracesox.com, with content creation, managing their social media marketing and online store ordering system.

Geoff Caras – Advisor

As an experienced entrepreneur, Geoff has the creative vision to develop new products and the business acumen to grow them in the marketplace. For the past 10 years, Geoff has served in executive leadership positions at several high-profile e-commerce businesses and customer-centered financial institutions. Prior to that, Geoff founded and ran a consulting business that helped clients leverage technology to advance business strategy.