Why Choose Us

Unlike other SEO consultants, we don’t stop at the detailed analytics – we use data from your web site, your social media, and your competitors’ website and social media marketing activities to develop a strategic and implementation plan.  We don’t try to upsell you on content marketing, or digital marketing development, as we believe your marketing staff and product teams should be better equipped to create salient product and solution information that is more relevant and tuned for search results. In essence, we enable your marketing team with the key data, strategic methodology, and additional skills and training they need to create highly relevant and visible content with the goal of page 1 ranking.

SEO Graphic for Website Why Choose Us

How we’re different:

  • We create a strategic methodology that translates into an actionable plan and results
  • We go deep into the details, but don’t drag you down into it — unless you want to be
  • We guide you through the entire process, but don’t expect you to be an expert
  • We help you build a strategic SEO plan for your digital content
  • We can help you leverage your industry associations and/or channel/partners
  • We can both implement, or train your staff to get involved
  • We don’t expect an ongoing monthly contract. We’ll help audit and recommend to your timeframe – bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually